儀隊尬將首,人神的護衛隊對決,【退儀邦v.s台北辰揚會】首度跨界合作,全國藝陣強強盃演出完整版(103年全國藝陣強強盃在東港東隆宮) HeartVod

    HeartVod - Angel Investor Project

    Angel Investor Page:

    Our vision is to introduce the innovative "HeartVod" media platform, allowing everyone to effortlessly share videos and music to express sentiments and foster deeper connections with friends. We are a collective of creators from Taiwan and Japan, aiming to spread love and friendship to every corner of the globe through HeartVod.

    Once the project is launched, we will list the name of every Angel Investor on the HeartVod page, with the option to link to your website or social media.

    Thank You Very Much for Your Support!

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